Tismor Health and Wellness are excited to announce an exciting new initiative and partnership with the New Product Development (NPD) team and the nutrition researchers from the Nutraceuticals Research Program at the University of Newcastle. 

The collaboration between Tismor Health and Wellness, Doctor Jessica Ferguson and Professor Manohar Garg entails the commissioning of double-blinded clinical trials via the outstanding research team from Nutraceuticals Research Program at the University of Newcastle. 

Ultimately the trials will aim to further validate the health benefits of an exciting new product developed by the (NPD) team. 

Doctor Jessica Ferguson’s research has been published in leading nutrition journals, such as Progress in Lipid Research, Metabolism – Clinical & Experimental and Clinical Nutrition. Her recent research on curcumin and phytosterols for cholesterol management was recognized by the 2018 Junior Investigator Award by the Journal ‘Metabolism – Clinical & Experimental’ and the Top New Investigator Awards by the International Society For the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) in 2018. 

Similarly, Professor Manohar Garg has outstanding achievements in the field of nutritional research and in November 2012, he was awarded the Nutrition Society of Australia Medal. This medal is awarded to an Australian nutrition scientist with an outstanding record in the field of animal or human nutrition.

Collectively we are excited to see independent results that further validate the effectiveness of this revolutionary new formula developed by the NPD Team. 

The context of the product is a revolutionary TGA approved dietary supplement with ingredients inclusive of Pine bark extract. As a rich source of proanthocyanidins (PACs) which are known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects, the double-blinded clinical trial will entail a 12-week placebo-controlled randomised clinical trial with aims to evaluate the positive health benefits of the TGA approved dietary supplement containing pine bark extract combined with other natural plant ingredients in healthy older adults.

With an industry leading reputation within the Health and Wellness space, the Tismor NPD team have an outstanding ability to create, engineer and launch innovative new products to market in record time. The development of this latest product combines groundbreaking natural ingredients and a formula specifically designed to combat the various chronic disease risk factors that arise in an ageing Australian population, such as chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, muscle loss and loss of physical function as well as changes in the immune system.

Partnering with reputable organisations such as the nutrition researchers from the Nutraceuticals Research Program at the University of Newcastle is a significant investment and proven model for Tismor Health and Wellness’ NPD team to validate product potential within the desired target market.

Findings from this study could provide an effective therapeutic strategy for optimising the ageing process and potentially minimise age-related muscle loss and associated metabolic factors such as heightened oxidative stress, raised systemic inflammation and a suppressed immune system. Moreover, these health benefits may translate into improved physical functioning and promote overall well-being in older adults.

With over 15% of Australia’s total population aged 65 and over, the market potential is staggering for a TGA approved dietary supplement with a holistic range of health benefits including but not limited to supporting the immune system and minimising inflammation in the joints. 

Tismor look forward to the conclusion of this clinical trial and thanks nutrition researchers Doctor Jessica Ferguson and Professor Manohar Garg from the Nutraceuticals Research Program at the University of Newcastle in collaborating with the NPD team on this initiative. You can learn more about Tismor Health and Wellness along with the NPD teams capabilities by visiting the Tismor Website .

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