The Challenge

The RecoveR8 product origin comes from a customer who engaged Tismor with IP and a formula that although practical for their goal of an all natural sports performance supplement, lacked in execution regarding cost effective production properties and meeting a strict launch deadline. Tismor were challenged with the task of refining this formula for the RecoveR8 product and transforming it into a streamlined and cost optimised production ready unit in only a few short months.

The Relationship

When Tismor were engaged by the developers of the RecoveR8 formula, the excitement of decades of work formulating a highly effective and unique health and wellbeing supplement had been replaced with frustration from a lack of progress in transforming this IP into a retail ready commodity. After subsequently reaching an agreement with Tismor to take on the manufacture of the RecoveR8 product, it was understood by all parties involved that this was the last chance for the product to become a reality and Tismor had to deliver on behalf of this customer in a time sensitive speed to market deliverable.

The Research

Utilising Tismor’s strengths of market research, our NPD and contract manufacturing teams were able to collectively work together in refining the formula via access to additional key premium natural (non synthetic) ingredients. During the market research and product development phase, our brand development and marketing team were also able to identify key gaps in the market regarding the capabilities of the product due to being one of only a few sports performance based products to be HESTA certified (anti doping codes compliant) and TGA approved.

Originally branded as “The Edge” by the product developers, Tismors brand development and marketing team recommended and upon approval, implemented an aggressive rebranding campaign whereby the product would now be known as RecoveR8. With a strong brand name now established along with further development of brand identity carried out by our brand development and marketing team in regards to packaging colours, marketing direction and product placement within the marketplace, the subsequent marketing opportunities this combination presented would allow Tismor to utilise their network of partners to place RecoveR8 in the hands of elite Olympians and Motorsport athletes. Activations such as these happened before a single bottle of the product hit the online store, to ensure a successful product launch via aggressive brand awareness based marketing.

To compliment the athlete and influencer based marketing our NPD and Quality Assurance teams also developed marketing claims that were compliant with regulatory practices for sports performance products. After subsequent independent formula testing, the following claims were developed to be showcased on the product packaging within the guidelines set by the TGA.

  • Reduce Oxidative Stress and muscular fatigue
  • Maintain a healthy neuromuscular sytstem
  • Maintain connective tissue health
  • Reduce Free Radicals

The research and development phase of the RecoveR8 product is in itself an incredible product showcase for our NPD, contract manufacturing and brand development / marketing teams, who were able to quickly and efficiently take existing customer IP and refine it into a innovative formula with key branding initiatives such as the HESTA certifications that would create a desirable product for the target market at launch, whilst being both cost optimised and formula enhanced.

The Setup

On the back of the transformation of RecoveR8 IP by our NPD and contract manufacturing teams, it was now time to further develop the product formula into a cost optimised manufacturing process. This was achieved with an addition to the research and development phase with the incorporation of an innovative bottle design where the bottle cap facilitated also as a serving sized reusable shot cup for the customer. A second consumable option was further developed with single serve 30ml on-the-go sachets to complement the standard 750ml bottle.

The Manufacture

Tismor set up the ability via customised machinery of a split production run of both 750ml bottles (inclusive of serving size drinkable bottle cap) and 30ml single serve sachets.

The Launch

The RecoveR8 product launched to market successfully in the winter of 2019 with an initial product line including;

  • 750ml Bottles
  • 30ml single serve sachets (10 packs)

You can learn more about the RecoveR8 product range by visiting RecoveR8 Website. Contact us today for any type of supplement manufacturing in Australia.

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