Delivery in full on time

Tismor sits at an exclusive central space within the market, giving an unparalleled perspective of the current and ever evolving market landscape for our customers. Dealing with both supply and retail based clients allows us to offer valuable insight generated from years of experience problem solving for our various clientele in getting their products to market. 

Our experience culminates in a vision of customer relationships, encompassing the evolving needs of their problems and solutions that we can provide fluidly via our services. 

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Tismor defines the standard regarding Australian contract manufacturing of Health and Wellness along with pharmaceutical products destined for Australian and international markets.

Third party packaging

Third Party Packaging

Our third party packaging protects YOUR PRODUCT, but most importantly YOUR BRAND

New product development

New Product Development

Experience, integrated innovation and a dedicated Creative Centre houses our NPD team who will guide you from concept development to technical transfers, all the way through the product development journey.

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“Our diverse and constantly expanding portfolio of customers and brands who trust us to Deliver In Full On Time, attests to our ability to manage our customer relationships, expectations and deliverables through our adaptive and varied service offerings”

– Chris Tisdale

Delivery in Full on Time

DIFOT is at the heart of everything we do and this measurement is at the core of our accountability to not simply meet, but exceed and further redefine customer expectations in a contract manufacturing partner.

Our Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance team conveys confidence and breeds success within our customers as an essential foundation in achieving positive results when getting your product to market.

In-house engineering and investment

Adaptation is the key to longevity and Tismor continually invest in our ability to not only meet but exceed customer expectations through our in house engineering and equipment investment team. Our capacity for industry-leading speed to market derives from our intent for customised machinery to provide solutions for our customers. When necessary, aggressive investment and purchasing power for new technology are leveraged to revolutionise production lines and ensure that we ultimately transform our customer’s perception of what is possible from Australian Health and Wellness Manufacturing. We specialise in third party packaging and contract manufacturing for a range of products including pharmaceuticals, protein powders, skincare products, effervescent tablets, dietary supplements and more. 


Protect your investment, your product and your brand with TISMOR Third Party Packaging services.