At Tismor, we hold our suppliers to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We firmly believe in conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner. That’s why we have implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct that all our suppliers are required to comply with.

The Tismor Supplier Code of Conduct serves as a framework for ensuring that our suppliers share our commitment to integrity, transparency, and respect for human rights. It outlines the expectations we have for our suppliers in areas such as labor practices, environmental sustainability, business ethics, and social responsibility.

By adhering to the Supplier Code of Conduct, our suppliers play a crucial role in upholding Tismor’s values and contributing to the overall success of our business. We believe that by working together with our suppliers, we can create positive change throughout the supply chain and make a meaningful impact on the communities in which we operate.

We understand that meeting these standards may require effort and resources from our suppliers. However, we firmly believe that it is through collective responsibility and collaboration that we can achieve sustainable growth and long-term success. Therefore, we actively support our suppliers in implementing necessary measures to meet these requirements.

At Tismor, we are committed to fostering strong partnerships based on trust, fairness, and shared values. Our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects this commitment by establishing clear expectations for ethical behavior within our supply chain. Together with our dedicated partners, we strive towards creating a better future for all stakeholders involved.

In conclusion, compliance with the Tismor Supplier Code of Conduct is not just an obligation but an opportunity for both Tismor and its suppliers to make a positive impact on society while fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

View our Supplier Code of Conduct here

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