The first steam engine was created in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen and revolutionised production lines around the world in the shape of the Industrial Revolution. By today’s standards, the very first steam engine is incredibly simple and rarely thought of. The simplicity of where everything originated from is an after thought of nostalgia to primitive technology. However, at its core, this invention was the catalyst to usher in unprecedented development and growth for society over the coming centuries, an effect so profound on the world that it lasts to this day. 

Fast forward to the modern day era, where our lives are anything but simple and attention spans are fragile and fleeting, due to the technology available to us and the consequential bombardment of information every moment of the day. This document may appear radically simplified at first glance and it is, for good reason. Just as the world would not be where it is today without the simple steam engine, Tismor would not be where we are today without these simple yet all-encompassing core values outlined in the Company Culture Playbook. 

It is the simple things that if done right and repeated with discipline over time, will define success. If you are reading this document then you are about to learn the WHY behind Tismors success and how it originates from our company culture. 

The Tismor WHY

At Tismor our word is our bond and we value our partnerships. Our trust and commitment to you will be evident from the first handshake that first and foremost, we are in the business of managing relationships. We can confidently say this as our core value due to the fact that we have 100% faith and a proven track record that our team, systems and technology can develop and deliver the product you need, delivered in full and on time. By prioritising our relationships, we can ensure successful outcomes for our clients by delivering a customer centric experience, ensuring profit and long standing relationships derive from a holistic desire to not only give our customers what they want, but also what they need when it matters most. 

The reason you choose Tismor is simple –  Our team becomes Your team and Your success becomes Our success.

Core Values


“DIFOT” Delivered In Full On Time is the true metric that indicates our ability to successfully manage our customer relationships and deliverables. Tismor prides itself on achieving a 98% DIFOT which far exceeds the current industry standard that sits around the 80-85% rate. 

DIFOT is at the heart of everything we do and this measurement  is at the core of our accountability to not simply meet, but exceed and further redefine customer expectations in a contract manufacturing partner.  

DIFOT is achieved by TISMOR for our customers via the following company values and their integration into our daily operations. 

2 – Our Team

T eam I nspired S olutions M anaged O n R esults 

Tismor operates under a unique management structure that allows a streamlined synergy between management and operations. This is achieved through our Operating Board members also being involved in the daily operations of the company through various management and operations roles. 

The majority of TISMOR senior staff have worked together collectively as a team for over fifteen years dating back to the Jalco timeline prior to the evolution of TISMOR. This has led to one of the key values and and pillars of our industry leading status, that being a success and solutions driven business environment, organically evolving from the longevity and passion our team members have for each other, Tismor and ultimately the customer.

This synergy from the Board to operations allows Tismor to make time sensitive decisions with integrated innovation, maneuverability and experience whilst maintaining an overall understanding of what benefits our customers will ultimately benefit us. 

3 – Experience

Tismor sits at an exclusive central space within the market, giving an unparalleled perspective of the current and ever evolving market landscape for our customers. Dealing with both supply and retail based clients allows us to offer valuable insight generated from years of experience problem solving for our various clientele in getting their products to market. 

Our experience culminates in a vision of customer relationships, encompassing the evolving needs of their problems and solutions that we can provide fluidly. 

4 – Company Culture

Adaptation, problem solving and dealing with adversity ultimately lead to growth. Our team has experienced and endured this whilst maintaining our core values for many years, which has developed the following ethos at Tismor. 

There is no such thing as a problem, it is simply an opportunity with a different name.

This one simple message resonates throughout our offices, hallways, production areas and team members. There is no such thing as Can’t. We provide solutions for our customers’ problems. At Tismor we believe this is in fact not innovation, but radically simplified, it is the core of our service to them. 

5 – Quality Management

Many of our customers don’t have a regulatory background and it is our values that allow us to have the ability, when facing unknown issues, to provide support with integrated innovation to ensure WE can successfully be YOUR Quality Control and Regulatory team throughout the journey of product discovery through to delivery. 

6 – Speed to Market

As the final deliverable from our value of DIFOT to our customer relationships, derived from 

all of the preceding company values outlined in this document, is our industry leading speed to market for product launch. 

From product inception through development and delivery, our Quality Assurance and New product Development “NPD” team will guide our customers with an ethical responsibility and reassurance that we can and will repeatedly ensure your product gets to market at an industry leading speed, without compromising on customer experience or quality. 

What is perceived as an industry leading deliverable to our competitions is in contrast considered an internal requisite for successful client relationship management and quantified deliverables at Tismor. 

7 – Heritage

Our success is the result of key team members carrying on the legacy of Jalcos family values, integrating them into the corporate operations of what is now Tismor in the present day. 

Tismors heritage derives from thirty five years of collaborative experience between John Tisdale and Barry Smorgon. Originating with the ownership of Jalco Group, John and Barry have continually elevated and redefined the industry standard for Australian manufacturing across a vast portfolio of health and wellness / pharmaceutical products. After the sale of Jalco Group in 2015, Tismor has since seen eleven key and long term staff members join them from Jalco.

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