Trusted Manufacturing Company in Australia

Tismor defines the standard regarding Australian contract manufacturing of Health and Wellness products destined for the Australian and international markets. Through our core values and key pillars of success we can guarantee your product to be Delivered In Full and On Time. Following stringent regulatory review from our quality assurance team, integrated innovation from our New Product Development team and production line orchestration completely customised to meet your products needs, your brands wants and your retailers deadline, scalable for repeated success to keep up with shelf life and consumer demand.

Tismor contract manufacturing skincare products

Why develop a product with a Contract Manufacturer?

The development of a new health and wellness or pharmaceutical product is a process that if undertaken without the proper planning, budgeting and a highly efficient and qualified team, can have high chances of failure with the product either never making it to market or failing after launch…Read More

Delivery in Full on Time

DIFOT is at the heart of everything we do and this measurement is at the core of our accountability to not simply meet, but exceed and further redefine customer expectations in a contract manufacturing partner.

Our Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance team conveys confidence and breeds success within our customers as an essential foundation in achieving positive results when getting your product to market.

In-house engineering and investment

Adaptation is the key to longevity and Tismor continually invest in our ability to not only meet but exceed customer expectations through our in house engineering and equipment investment team. Our capacity for industry-leading speed to market derives from our intent for customised machinery to provide solutions for our customers. When necessary, aggressive investment and purchasing power for new technology are leveraged to revolutionise production lines and ensure that we ultimately transform our customer’s perception of what is possible from Australian Health and Wellness Manufacturing. We specialise in third party packaging and contract manufacturing for a range of products including pharmaceuticals, protein powders, skincare products, effervescent tablets, dietary supplements and more. 

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“There are only two types of customer requests that we are approached for at the contract manufacturing and third party packaging company Tismor. They are based around urgency and difficulty and often these come as one”

Our history is built from previous success

Originating with the ownership of Jalco Group, John Tisdale and Barry Smorgon have continually elevated and redefined the industry standard for Australian manufacturing across a vast portfolio of health and wellness / pharmaceutical products. After the sale of Jalco Group in 2015, Tismor has since seen fifteen key and long term staff members join them.

Our success is the result of key team members carrying on TISMOR values along with company culture and integrating them into the corporate operations of the company in the present day.

We can provide contract manufacturing in Australia for a variety of products.

Below is the list of some of the products that we can manufacture. We specialise in:

  1. Hair Care Products Manufacturing

  2. Heath Products Manufacturing

  3. Pharmaceutical Products such as tablets Manufacturing

  4. Skin Care Manufacturing

  5. Beauty Products Manufacturing

  6. Moisturisers Manufacturing

  7. Lip Balm Manufacturing

  8. Skin creams Manufacturing 

  9. Hand Sanitisers Manufacturing

  10. Meal Replacement Products Manufacturing

  11. Protein Powder and Supplements Manufacturing

  12. Plant-based Protein Powder Manufacturing

  13. Effervescent Tablets Manufacturing

  14. Vitamin Supplements Manufacturing

  15. Dietary Supplements Manufacturing

  16. Other Health Supplements Manufacturing

  17. Natural Organic Supplements Manufacturing

  18. Nutritional Products Manufacturing

  19. Toothpaste Manufacturing

Process of contract manufacturing

Step 1 >  Contact us

Step 2 > Supply your own formulations and packaging requirements or have our in house New Product Development NPD team develop formulation and packaging specifically for you.

Step 3 > Set time frames for delivery and begin production 

Benefits of contract manufacturing

  • Cost-savings
  • Quality Control
  • Increased Production

Why should you use contract manufacturing?

  • Limited internal resources
  • Limited internal bandwidth
  • Supply chain issues
  • Fluctuating demand

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services

Tismor Health and Wellness can manufacture an extensively wide range of products in the Pharmaceutical space. We provide scalable, flexible and fast solutions to time-sensitive deadlines for Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. Our industry-leading reputation of providing unbeatable speed to market is our key differentiator, with a commitment to Delivery In Full On Time in Quality “DIFOTQ” with all of our partners.

Industry-Leading Manufacturing Services

With an established network of consultants and suppliers worldwide, we are able to provide systematic collaboration when engaged, to further enhance the formulas, processes and operations that allow Tismor to create industry-leading Pharmaceutical products. 

Accredited Manufacturing Company

Tismor are accredited by NSW Health, the TGA, the Australian Government Department of Health and are members of Consumer Healthcare Products Australia, to list only a few of our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare accreditations.

Accredited Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturers

Tismor Health and Wellness can produce Pharmaceutical products in capabilities such as ingestible such as tablets, caplets, bilayer tablets, elixirs, syrups and more. To learn more about our Pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and processes contact us today. We specialise in contract manufacturing, white-label manufacturing, third party manufacturingnew product development and biodegradable packaging.


All Tismor and partner relationships are protected by NDA agreements and the strictest customer privacy policy that you can view here.

We pride ourselves on transparency and a commitment to Delivery In Full On Time in Quality (DIFOTQ). All pricing is subject to strict supply chain and current market pricing review prior to contract signing and production beginning. 

Throughout your time as a partner of Tismor Health and Wellness you will have a dedicated account manager across Manufacturing and from our NPD Creative Centre at Silverwater if working with the NPD team on formulations and product development. Our Team becomes Your Team.

Tismor achieves a consistent level of 98% DIFOTQ Delivery In Full On Time in Quality that far exceeds industry standard. The reason you partner with Tismor is due to our trust and commitment to you that we will always have your products to market as fast as possible without compromising on quality or integrity.

Protect your product and your brand. Packaging and branding are key to brand success in highly competitive markets and Tismor have specialist engineers, machinery and design departments to ensure your products consistently meet the high standards expected from both you and Tismor in our partnership agreement.

Tismor defines the standard regarding Australian contract manufacturing of Health and Wellness products destined for the Australian and international markets