Steve Jobs once said that;

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”.

For new and existing brands in the pharmaceutical / health and wellness space, often your branding and packaging on the retail shelf will be the ONLY separating factor to the non discerning consumer.

Many companies have the ability to produce health and wellness product formulas and manufacture them into market ready commodities, however are they experts in marketing, branding and efficient packaging?

Here is our list of reasons why you should consider engaging a third party packaging specialist to complete your products manufacturing cycle in going to market.

1 – Successful product transfers into packaging

Health and wellness / pharmaceutical products are by nature temperamental with ingredients derived from a variety of food groups, vitamins and minerals, organic and synthetic in origin. However successfully creating a winning product formula is just the beginning. Ensuring that your formula can be packaged and taken to market in containment that will guarantee TGA approval, shelf life and integrity that maximises your products results every time a customer makes a purchase is often where many brands fall over, with big repercussions for their reputation and future demand. This benefit alone of working with a third party packaging specialist should be enough to make you consider your next products packaging needs.

2 – Manufacturing efficiency

You have the formula, now you need to keep up with the demand! This benefit is simple and very common in the health and wellness/ pharmaceutical industry. As your brand’s reputation grows, so will the size of your orders. A third party packaging specialist can guarantee you efficient production runs and the security to your stakeholders and customers that orders will be delivered in full and on time, allowing you the breathing space to focus on managing your customer relationships while your partner focuses on packaging your growing order volume.

3 – Quality Assurance

Strict TGA guidelines govern what products can be packaged in at a retail level and the safety / integrity of your products packaging needs to be taken extremely seriously in regards to this regulatory approval. One wrong move can see entire product lines recalled and strpped from the shelves. Are you willing to take that risk for your brand’s future to attempt packaging in house? The right third party packaging partner will be able to give you quality assurance that the packaging concept they provide for your product will satisfy all TGA guidelines and ensure your product will be safe on the shelves of all your stockists for years to come.

4 – Shelf Life

Some health and wellness / pharmaceutical products are sensitive to storage in high temperature areas as one example. It is imperative for the success of your products at a retail level that the packaging provided by your third party packaging partner can prolong the ingredients of your products lifespan and have clear messaging for storage instructions to both the retailer and the consumer. This guarantees you are not liable for any perished stock that occurs outside of your control.

5 – Product Branding

Product packaging is a marketing tool that if utilised correctly will see your product jumping off the shelves and into the shopping carts of countless new customers. In order to achieve this, everything from your colour schemes to logos, branding messages and shape/size of the packaging needs to be on point. The right third party contract manufacturing partner will have the team to develop these concepts with you to ensure your product has the best chance of commercial success when it goes to market.

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