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12th July 2022

Health and Wellness Market Disruption – New Collaboration

Tismor Health and Wellness Partner With Health Food Symmetry Ltd

It is with great excitement we announce a New collaboration into the Health and Wellness market.  Tismor Health and Wellness , one of the largest contract manufacturers in the Australasian and global health and wellness sector, have signed a supply agreement with Health Food Symmetry Ltd (HFS) to supply Kfibre as an ingredient to Tismor moving forward. 

Kevin Williams, Sales Manager of Tismor commented on the new relationship;

“Globally there is a shortage of key ingredients that are required for premium health and wellness products and it is common knowledge that manufacturing on a global level is suffering from supply chain issues. Tismor is an industry leader because we pride ourselves on achieving DIFOTQ (Devlivery In Full On Time in Quality) for our customers with every order delivered. This new partnership with Health Food Symmetry will allow us to keep a sovereign domestic supply of a key ingredient for our manufacturing schedules.” 

“Furthermore, we believe Kfibre has the ability to disrupt this category, being Australian grown and manufactured, whilst being fully backed by clinical trials. We see Kfibre as a fantastic offering to our customers as an ingredient to boost the effectiveness of their products via our industry renowned New Product Development process, run out of our Tismor Creative Centre”. Concluded Mr Williams. 

Gordon Edwards, the CEO of HFS, also commented on the partnership;

“Working with and developing products with a company such as Tismor that has such a stellar reputation, gives HFS ingredients a considerable boost in the health and wellness space. HFS is the only manufacturer of this ingredient globally and we know the quality and its ability to boost health and wellness products. We look forward to supplying Tismor with Kfibre now and long into the future.” 

For all enquiries on Kfibre and New Product Development, please contact Kevin Williams at Tismor on 02 9503 0000.

Health Food Symmetry Ltd is a provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotics”

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