Engaging a contract manufacturer may seem a daunting task at first, but if you think about how many services you already outsource successfully in the day to day of your companies operations (such as IT, HR, Accounting etc) then it shouldn’t be too much of a different process if you choose to outsource with the right partner for contract manufacturing.

Typically there are only two types of customer requests that we are approached for at Tismor. They are based around urgency and difficulty and often these come as one.

However not all requests that we receive come from established and repeat customers who need help with technicalities or speed to market deliverables that we can execute at a high level. In fact, some of our most successful customer relationships originated from the below scenarios.

1 – smaller companies who had existing IP for a product concept and were already in production and needed to refine / upscale their manufacturing process


2 – Smaller companies and entrepreneurs who needed help to get their ideas to market as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

If either of these scenarios sound familiar to you, then you are in the right place.

So what advice can we give you on how to engage a health and wellness contract manufacturing partner successfully? Here’s a few helpful tips to get you started.

1 –  Have a clear plan of what services you are wanting to outsource.

It is best for everyone involved if you have an understanding of the contract manufacturing process and go to a potential partner with an overview or plan of what services you are engaging them for.

As an example, are you already in production of a fitness supplement and after landing a larger distribution deal need to upscale your manufacturing quantities and meet aggressive deadlines? Alternatively do you have a new product concept that needs refining with ingredients and formula so that you can begin production in house?

With inquiries such as these, a potential partner can quickly and efficiently assess how they can best service your needs and become a successful part of your journey.

2 – Have a goal for how a contract manufacturing partner can help you achieve growth and scalability with your organisation.

Before engaging a potential partner it is important to have a business plan in place that identifies your strengths and weaknesses in regards to outsourcing services.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur who has connections in distribution, marketing and branding but are not in a position to invest in your own manufacturing equipment and team, clearly outsourcing to a contract manufacturing partner will allow you to double down on your strengths and leave the technical process of manufacturing or third party packaging to professionals who can optimise your investments and timelines to market.


The correct contract manufacturing partner will be able to quickly and confidently take the inquiries above and expand on the potential business and partnership models available to you from their services. Most importantly they will identify the role they can play in solving these problems for you. Remember that contract manufacturing companies have many years of experience in dealing with companies, entrepreneurs and products just like yours and their ability to convey this experience and assurance that they can facilitate your needs should give you the reassurance you need when choosing the correct partner.

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