The Challenge

To develop a premium non alcohol based hand sanitiser brand and product line that is effective against 99.9% of germs and harmful bacteria, whilst maintaining a hydrating and soothing feel for sensitive skin and families hands after every use. Convenience, on-the-go protection with a minimised risk of cross contamination was paramount to the development of the Sanit8 brand.

A challenging brief was actioned by the customer for our NPD team to develop the product formula and our brand development and marketing team to devise an overall branding direction. Focused on a non alcohol based product with a particular priority on the product only going to market if positive testing could be achieved that would challenge the WHO World Health Organization’s guidelines relating to only alcohol based products being considered safe against the spread of germs and bacteria

Finally the product was to be manufactured into 2ml individual sachets (as opposed to the industry standard pump bottles) to be boxed in one hundred capacity retail packaging. A time sensitive deadline was put on our NPD and Contract Manufacturing teams to meet supply and demand to the unprecedented rise in demand for hand sanitiser in the first quarter of 2020.

The Relationship

The development of the Sanit8 product range was actioned on behalf of a loyal customer who had already established a working relationship with Tismor for previous products in their parent company range, needing a swift product development to meet B2B orders that had far exceeded anticipated demand. Complete trust and confidence in our ability to meet DIFOT on this product was of the utmost importance to the customer and an ambitious but achievable deadline was met with a sense of internal urgency, but also opportunity from our in house teams to deliver on our reputation of industry leading speed to market without compromising on quality.

The Research

Our New Product Development team managed the research and development phase of Sanit8 and were entrusted to create a product from concept to launch in record time. With key objectives and deliverables outlined, our NPD team utilised Tismor’s wealth of knowledge in Health and Wellness manufacturing to source the highest quality ingredients, formulating a non alcohol based hand sanitiser that could satisfy a customer base who valued a holistic approach to health and wellness away from chemically based alcohol industry standard sanitisers, but also ensure that the formula could deliver with thorough independent testing to ensure protection against 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The Setup

A streamlined formula development and testing phase was set to meet the tight deadline for product delivery. Our in house NPD and Contract Manufacturing teams worked simultaneously around the clock to develop, refine and deliver on a formula that not only met, but exceeded the customers expectations of what is possible from a non alcohol based hand sanitiser. As positive testing showed tremendous application for the product in protection against germs and bacteria, our in house engineering teams modified machinery and production lines in preparation to accommodate a huge volume of single use on-the-go 2ml sachets to be produced in the opening run of production.

The Manufacture

With speed to market at the essence of this customer relationship, our contract manufacturing team achieved an incredible volume of production in an extremely short time frame to deliver DIFOT on the initial production order of several hundred thousand individual hand sanitiser 2ml sachets, boxed in one hundred capacity retail boxes.

The Launch

The Sanit8 product range launched to market successfully in April of 2020 with a product line including:

  • X100 2ml sachets in retail display boxes
  • X50 2ml sachets in retail display boxes
  • 60ml hand pump on-the-go bottle

You can learn more about the Sanit8 product range by visiting Sanit8 Website.
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