The Challenge

To develop a premium and holistic range of women’s health and wellness supplements, incorporated into a diverse product line inclusive of protein powders (dairy and plant based) meal replacements and booster supplements with probiotics, collagens and MCT oils. Using only organic ingredients, the Good Sorts goal was a development process encompassing bio individuality, achieved via unique dual sachets for meal replacements shakes that would allow customers to not only combine flavours, but also half portion sizes for “snacks” on the go or allow consumption of a full meal replacement sized shake using both halves of the sachet.

The Relationship

The Good Sort product range was developed on behalf of a marketing based customer who engaged Tismor with the belief that we could become their partner in new product development, relying heavily on our ability to deliver industry leading market research, quality assurance and ultimately contract manufacturing in getting their vision of The Good Sort from concept to market.

The Research

Our New Product Development team managed the research and development phase of The Good Sort and was solely responsible for creating a product line from concept that would not only match, but exceed the customers brief. With key objectives and deliverables outlined, our NPD team utilised Tismor’s wealth of knowledge in weight management health supplements and overall wellness products to harness unique trends and benefits within the industry. Partnering with specific suppliers for (non synthetic) Organic Vitamins, minerals and MCT oils, Tismor capitalised on our exclusive market perspective and long standing supplier relationships to deliver formulas and blends that would set The Good Sort in a unique space above the industry standard for meal replacement and wellness supplements.

The Setup

Following on from our NPD teams market research and formula development, the next phase saw a project management deliverable of converting these formulas into cost optimised commodities via our production line, utilising unique branding opportunities via packaging initiatives such as the dual sachets as a staple in the range. This set up phase under NPD management was also time sensitive in upholding Tismor values and customer expectations of speed to market.

The Manufacture

Our in house engineering team had to create adaptive measures to ensure we met the customers brief of innovative product packaging and maintain our industry leading speed to market. Customised machinery would provide these customer solutions for The Good Sort and an aggressive timeline was complimented with round the clock product manufacture to ensure DIFOT was met before the product launch deadline.

The Launch

The Good Sort product range launched to market successfully in the spring of 2018 with a product line including:

  • x6 unique flavours of dairy protein supplements
  • X3 flavours of plant based supplements (Vegan)
  • X 4 unique booster supplements
  • Branded accessories of shakers and blenders to complement retail sales and brand awareness.

You can learn more about the Good Sort product range by visiting Good Sort Website.Contact us today for any type of Meal Replacement Manufacturing in Australia.

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